Immigration and Family Lawyers Serving Maryland, Virginia, Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, D.C., Many Other States and/or U.S. Consulates Abroad

After more than a decade of practicing law in Rockville, Maryland, Maribel LaFontaine is able to offer comprehensive legal representation in often overlapping practice areas – immigration and family law. As such, they have developed an encompassing law office that allows them to offer the best possible representation and resolution to their clients.

Dedicated to their clients, the Law Office of Maribel LaFontaine, P.C., ensures them knowledgeable, experienced and diligent representation. Supported by a highly educated and trained staff, many of whom are bilingual in Spanish and English, Maribel LaFontaine have one goal: to assure every client that the firm attorneys and its staff are relentlessly working on each client’s case to achieve the best results.

The Law Office of Maribel LaFontaine, P.C. strives to maintain a high success rate because it cares about the end result in its cases. For a more detailed description of each practice area, please visit the links below.

Professional | Passionate | Persistent

The Law Office of Maribel LaFontaine, P.C., located in Rockville, Maryland and serving the District of Columbia metropolitan area, offers a bilingual staff fluent in both English and Spanish. Eager to offer you singular legal representation, you are invited to meet with us for an initial consultation.

Practice Areas

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