Our firm is experienced in representing aliens in the U.S. in preparing affirmative asylum applications to be filed with a U.S. Asylum Office and defensive asylum applications to be filed with an immigration court.

Our firm devotes a substantial amount of time to the preparation of asylum claims and applications to ensure consistency. Claims that are lacking in consistency and detail run a greater of being found to lack credibility. The applicant’s asylum story must be credible. For this reason, an asylum statement must be prepared with accuracy and contain sufficient detail. We work closely with the client to gather any available supporting documentation as well as conduct research related to country conditions in order to strengthen the asylum claim.

Applications for Asylum must be filed within one year of admission or entry to the U.S. Failure to file for asylum with the time required has severe consequences.

To qualify for asylum status, an applicant must demonstrate that he or she is unable or unwilling return to his or her home country due to past persecution or a well-founded fear that he or she will be persecuted upon return. Persecution means to threaten, harass, punish, injure, oppress, or otherwise cause someone to suffer physical or psychological harm. The applicant must demonstrate that he or she cannot obtain protection in his or her home country and that the persecution is because of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Applicants and dependents in the U.S. will be eligible to apply for employment authorization and upon being accorded asylum status will be eligible to be reunited with immediate members of his family and to apply for residency after one year of asylum status.