Anne: Attorney anybody would appreciate to have

I had a very tough immigration case based on an asylum status. I had already met two immigration lawers who had told me we would lose the case. She was my last chance.

The case was not easy first because of a lack of documentation, secondly my testimony was based on my family’s who was back home. Thirdly, I had a two years back home immigration requirement.

Ms. Lafontaine showed her honesty by being franck with me. She showed me my chances of being granted asylum. I appreciated that. It helped me balance my expectations and take it seriously.

As I was in the US during the war in my country, it was difficult to prove personal harm and threat. In spite of the authorities in my country concealing the truth, Ms. Lafontaine found the necessary resources to document my case. She paid attention to the tiniest details. She insisted on honesty and required all the evidence. She made her own reseach and double checked every assertion.

My case was so well documented that it was handled by the immigration services in less than one month. What is more, the dramatic situation of my family was so well rendered that the immigration officer advised me to hurry and save my family.