Our firm represents parents in custody actions in the State of Maryland. It can be less complicated when the parties are more or less in agreement or more complicated when the parents are not in agreement. We make every effort to make matters less complicated substantively and procedurally for our clients so that they can focus on other family matters that may also need their attention.

In Maryland, natural parents are presumed the natural custodians of their children. The law does not seek to favor a mother or a father over the other. Maryland law applies the best interests of the child standard in determining which parent should have custody or visitation when one or both parents seek custody or visitation. Custody and visitation determinations are never permanent. A parent can later seek to modify a custody or visitation order. In deciding the best interests of the child, the factors to be considered by the judge will include the following:

  • Current primary caregiver
  • Mental and physical fitness of each party
  • Character and reputation of each party
  • Child’s preference
  • Finances of each party
  • Age, gender and health of the child
  • Religious views
  • Length of separation from the child
  • Disability of a party
  • Existing custody agreement