Divorce is undoubtedly not what anyone envisions when he or she gets married, but sometimes it may be a choice that one feels compelled to make for oneself or one’s family.

If divorce becomes necessary, you will want to hire a firm and a legal staff that will listen to your concerns as well as explain what you need to know to make the best decisions going forward. Our firm strives to simplify the substantive and procedural court aspects of a divorce process, where possible, to enable you to freely focus on other facets of your life that need your attention.

In the State of Maryland, a person may obtain an absolute or a limited divorce. A limited divorce is more like a legal separation. The spouse that files for divorce is the plaintiff, and the other spouse is the defendant.

The grounds for divorce must have occurred in Maryland, or one of the parties must have resided in Maryland for at least twelve months prior to filing. A divorce may be due to no one’s fault or someone’s fault. A “no fault” divorce is based upon a one-year separation or the mutual consent of both spouses if the parties do not have children and there is a settlement agreement related to alimony and distribution of the property. The fault grounds for divorce include adultery, desertion, cruelty and conviction of a crime.