Ekane: Recommended

My immigration case was a little complicated, i had waited but there was no response from the immigration office. i searched for immigration attorney online and consulted a few of them. Amongst a few i consulted was Attorney Maribel LaFontaine. From the time i spoke with her (Free consultation) in her office i felt like i may hire her. So i got home that day and together with my wife, we decided to hire attorney Maribel LaFontaine. Together with her lead Paralegal, she worked closely with me to see that my case was successful. She is so professional and took her time to explain every immigration process to me. Her nice and lead Paralegal (Jacky) was also professional. She never hesitated to explain immigration processes and all my worries regarding my case.
At the end of the day, Attorney Maribel LaFontaine did a great job at all angles because my Greencard was approved and today i am a permanent resident. Thank you Ms Maribel LaFontaine and God bless you and your legal team.