Kristian Bonilla

Kristian Bonilla joined the firm in 2016. He is currently the Accounting Clerk. He works at the firm ensuring that all client billing is correct and assists clients with an inquiries related to their accounts. Although Kristian’s passion is business/accounting, he understands the difficulties immigrants face.

Kristian hails from El Salvador but now resides in Maryland after immigrating to the United States as a teenager. Since admission to the U.S., he has been pursuing the American dream of a higher education in one of the great Maryland universities. One day, Kristian hopes to have an accounting firm to help serve the people of his local and surrounding community. Kristian enjoys photography and dance in his spare time.

Kristian is a graduate of Montgomery College in Maryland and obtained an Associate of Arts in Business. He will attend the Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland to pursue his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting.

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