Our firm handles routine as well as complex U.S. naturalization and citizenship matters. We ensure that routine naturalization or citizenship applications are filed correctly and with the required supporting documentation to prevent delays in processing. We also handle complex naturalization or citizenship applications, involving disability waivers, criminal histories, fraud, travel, child support and derivative citizen claims. Our firm has a strong track record with naturalization appeals, i.e., Request for Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization.

You may file a naturalization application to apply for U.S. citizenship pursuant to a naturalization process. Upon approval, the applicant will be issued a certificate of citizenship and will then be able to apply to obtain a U.S. passport. Alternatively, you may apply for a U.S. passport or a certificate of citizenship if you believe that you are already a U.S. citizen.

The firm routinely advises clients to apply for a certificate of citizenship prior to applying for a U.S. passport. A U.S. passport or a certificate of citizenship is granted to a person who demonstrates having acquired or derived citizenship from his or her U.S. citizen parents.

To qualify for naturalization, you must demonstrate requirements related to age, residency, good moral character, English fluency and knowledge of U.S. history.

To learn more about obtaining citizenship:  https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/educators/naturalization-information