Fanta: She Gave Me Hope

After nearly ten years of unsuccessful attempts and heart ache in trying to settle my immigration status I began considering other options and life outside of the United States. Things became even more complex when I was placed on deportation status. Not only did I have to prove my lawful entry into the united states but I also had to deal with my fear of possibly leaving my family behind.

As a result of years of minimal progress with my case, my mother suggested that I consult with Attorney Maribel LaFontaine.

I presented my EXTREMELY complecated case to her and she did exactly what she promised, and that was to do her absolute best to help me resolve my case. Unlike other attorneys she along with her team supported me and cared about my quality of life. As we tackled the case, she kept me in tuned with every detail pertaining to my case. She managed to achieve things that previous attorneys were unsuccessful at, it was because she studied the case and truly cared.

The level of professionalism offered at this firm is top notch. Successfully “we” won the case and I was granted a chance to proceed with my life in the states.

Please if you are seeking an attorney that can truly give you the very best legal advice and support, your search ends here because she has what it takes. I have great appreciation in the outcome of my case….Thank You Loads!!!!!!!